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Week One, April

Monday pep talk

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We can experience grief in response to any kind of loss, and while the grieving process is always going to be unique to the individual, many people wonder if what they're feeling is 'normal' or have questions about how long it should take to 'move on' after a loss.

Then there's 'ambiguous' loss which can cause feelings of grief when the actual loss is hard to define.

I'm not an expert on the topic but recorded some thoughts and wanted to link to some resources that might be more helpful.

David Kessler: "Finding Meaning: The 6th Stage of Grief"

Brené Brown interview with David Kessler: HERE

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  • When have you experienced grief?
  • What are the losses you've experienced that you may not have fully acknowledged?
  • Do you give yourself permission to fully experience your feelings?
  • In what ways do you attempt to diminish or avoid your feelings? (comparing, deflecting)
  • Are you willing to share how you feel with others and ask for support when you need it?
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