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Week Four, February

Monday pep talk

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Every day we’re confronted with events our body perceives as threatening on some level, whether it’s job stress, financial pressure, managing deadlines or relationships. We also create our own stress when we have high expectations of ourselves, are self-critical and judgemental or push ourselves to do too much. When we think about reducing stress, we often think of removing or managing the problem (which is helpful!) but there is a difference between a stressor and the actual stress response. This week I want to share ways you can actively support your own body to complete the stress cycle and therefore reduce the potential negative consequences of that stress in your body.

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  • What are the daily activities you currently undertake which help you to complete the stress cycle?
  • What else might you do every day to effectively resolve stress in your body?
  • As you reflect on your typical stress response, are you in ‘fight/flight’ or ‘freeze’?
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