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Week Two, July

Monday pep talk


In most cases, it's a mistake to conceptualise procrastination as a time management or disorganisation problem. Mostly, it's an emotion management problem.

Solving the problem requires being honest about the thoughts and feelings that are present when you know you're avoiding a task. Is there fear? Is there a deeper mental health issue? Is there old messaging from your past experience or even your family of origin that has manifested in you an aversion to success or inaccurate ideas about failure?

Once we get clear on the real issue, you can employ the most effective strategies for challenging the beliefs (or 'unhooking') and managing your emotions to a point where you can confront the task head on.

  • What are the kinds of tasks you habitually avoid? (you might look back over your personal and work history to identify any patterns of avoidance)?

For example: Do you get on with outcome focused tasks but avoid emotionally unpleasant tasks?

Do you use action/outcome focused tasks as avoidance of more emotionally taxing tasks?


  • What feelings come up when you imagine taking action on that task or project? Can you name the feelings?
  • As you explore your resistance, can you identify any limiting/unhelpful thoughts?


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