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Week Two, June

Monday pep talk

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In civilised society, we have rules. They serve to maintain order and to let everyone know what's expected. We have rules in classrooms, workplaces and families. Ideally, rules are a reflection of what's important. We stop at traffic lights because we value safety, for example.

We also create a lot of our own personal rules for ourselves and other people, and while they normally also spring from our values, sometimes we can get so rigid in adhering to (or expecting others to adhere to) our rules that we lose sight of what's more important.

Psychological wellbeing requires flexibility. We can be more flexible when we have the capacity to modify rules and expectations so that they are more aligned with our values rather than being a fixed and rigid standard of behaviour with no room for modification. Too much rigid following of rules with no consideration of the fundamental values which underpin those rules can create unhappiness and conflict.

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  • What are some of the rules you set for yourself that lead to you feeling inadequate?
  • Where are you expecting others to live by your rules?
  • When you think about your goals and values, are there any sneaky rules hidden amongst your expectations of what success or progress needs to look like?
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