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Week One, March

Monday pep talk

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It’s very common for situations you’ve experienced in the past to elicit a response in your body, mind and emotions. Those responses often become repeating patterns that are activated when you find yourself in any situation that your nervous system perceives as threatening (note: even if your rational mind does not).

Rather than perceive these responses or patterns as evidence that something is wrong with you, it can help to remind yourself that in fact, they are evidence that everything is right with you. Your body and mind know what to do to keep you safe and if you later realise that your patterns are getting in the way of you living a fulfilling life, you have the power to change them.

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  • What are the most emotionally significant experiences from your early life? (don’t overthink it - just note down anything that comes to mind)
  • What have you learned about what you need to do / who you need to be in order to get your needs met?
  • What kinds of situations elicit a survival response in you? (i.e., what situations cause your fight/flight/freeze/appease system to kick into gear)
  • What can you appreciate about your body’s innate survival instincts?

Below is a link to Tara Brach’s RAIN resources. I’d encourage you to use the RAIN process as well as the lessons from the Radical Compassion book to support your cultivation of self-compassion

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