Week Four, November

Monday pep talk


It's important when thinking about goals that you're also giving consideration to your values. Your goals are the WHAT you want to achieve but your values give you the WHY.

For example, let's say you have a goal to lose weight, ask yourself why that's important to you. Not in a judgemental or critical way, but to tap into your deeper motivation.

Whatever answer you come up with (perhaps so you feel more energetic), again ask yourself WHY that's important to you.

Keep digging.

Keep peeling back until you get to the deeply important reason for this goal. That deeper meaning and purpose is what will drive you to keep moving in the face of difficulty or waning motivation.

NOTE: I have very deliberately not included a values list for now. I'd rather you come up with some ideas yourself before looking at a comprehensive list of values.


→ Go back to the Best Possible Self exercise from last week (you may choose to do it again) and ask yourself what are the values that are apparent in your imagined future. In your best life, how do you spend your time, how do you structure your work, what do you prioritise, where is your focus? This can tell you a lot about your values.

→ What personal qualities do you want to be known for?

→ Imagine it's your 80th birthday party and people are giving speeches and telling stories about your life and your experiences. What would make you feel most proud and satisfied?


You might choose to revisit the Best Possible Self visualisation or the Lighthouse meditation from the library to help you get clarity around your values.

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