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Simple steps to live your best life


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To live your best life, you might need to transform the way you look at the world.

My new book, Crappy to Happy, outlines 10 simple steps to happiness, and this course is designed to give you the support and guidance you need to put those steps into action in your life.

The truth is, feeling less crappy and more happy doesn’t require a complete life overhaul.

It’s about small changes that make a big difference...  Taking one step after another towards living YOUR very best life.

I’ve worked with thousands of women and men through challenging times in their lives, and I can tell you – if you’re feeling crappy – there is a better way.

In this practical and powerful course, you’re going to get some insights and tools you can use to start feeling happier right now.

Hey, I'm Cass 🙂

I'm a clinical and coaching psychologist, mindfulness meditation teacher, author, speaker, and host of one of iTunes highest rating podcasts, "Crappy to Happy".

I've helped thousands of people to see their way clear of confusion, overwhelm, stress (and worse).. and find their way back to a way of living that is more joyful, peaceful, fulfilling and meaningful.

The science of happiness isn't taught to us in schools but it's something we could all benefit from learning. And if you're going to take lessons on happiness, I'd prefer you to take them from someone who is trained, qualified and has done the hard yards of working 'in the trenches' with people through those tough times.

I know what you need is not another inspirational quote but real, practical skills you can apply in your life today.

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What will we cover?

The Ten Steps…

Choose Happiness

I’ll show you why much of what you have believed about happiness is probably not true and why happiness truly is a choice.

Be less busy

Understand how the speed at which you’re hurtling through your life is stressing you out, killing your creativity and keeping you disconnected from the things that matter to you most.

Learn to let go

A lot of our suffering comes from holding onto things that make us miserable, or clinging tightly to control in an attempt to feel safe. Learning to surrender, to allow things to be as they are and to loosen your grip a little will bring you more peace than you may know.

Be kind to yourself

Most of us are high on self-criticism and low on self-kindness but it is possible to train yourself to dial down the volume on your inner critic and learn to treat yourself with more compassion.

Think happier thoughts

If you think the positivity movement is about glossing over the bad stuff, you’d be mistaken. Learning to think more positively is proven to improve your physical and mental health. This is not about denial. It’s about learning to counteract the negative bias in your brain that is keeping you focused on problems.

Find your people

Social connections are the cornerstone of health and happiness but as we get older, it can feel harder to make friends and to keep them. This lesson will look at the things getting in the way of cultivating strong social connections and give you tips for nurturing relationships that matter.

Determine your direction

Meaningful goals give you a sense of direction and purpose, but research tells us that some goals are more likely to make you happy than others. This step will teach you how to set the goals that are likely to stick and that will optimise your chances of achieving fulfilment and satisfaction.

Get out of your own way

Even when you have all the information you need and you know exactly what you need to do, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of self-defeating behaviours. You might call it self-sabotage or you might think you just lack the right motivation and self-discipline. This module teaches you how to uncover what is getting in the way so you can start making progress towards a happier life.

Expect good things

Whether you consider yourself a glass half empty or a glass half full type of person, we can all learn to think more optimistically and there are good reasons why you should. Optimists bounce back from setbacks more quickly and are more likely to be happy and successful. I’ll teach you how to shift your thinking and also how to visualise and create the outcome you most want.

Make a difference

Ultimately, happiness lies in knowing that your life matters. Using your unique gifts and talents to make a contribution to the greater good is the foundation of a joyful, purpose-driven, inspired and intentional life. In the final chapter, I will help you explore your strengths and find your passion and purpose so that can truly live your best life.

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